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take your brave heart and fighting spirit!

So it’s not a GIANT Bluefin you want, it’s a GIANT Shark?

Well, Captain Jeff has the tour for you. You will have the opportunity to catch a Mako, Blue, or even a GREAT WHITE! Boy, let Jeff tell you about his experience fighting one of these! “I thought I’d hooked a tuna, but when the dorsal fin came out of the water and kept getting bigger, bigger, and BIGGER, I knew we were in for the battle of our lives – and it literally was!”, said Captain Jeff.

This big game shark-fishing charter has you settling sail from North Lake Harbour heading for the perfect ‘hot spots’ for where these monsters are waiting. Jeff knows where to go and what they like. The first step is to catch your live bait as fast as possible so you can get ready to drop your line overboard. Get ready for the rod to bend over like you’ve never seen! Makos are spectacular jumpers and will take your breath away. No matter what you hook, you just don’t know what is on the other end of the line, but one thing for sure is: IT’S BIG and likes to grin! We release all our sharks but not before you shoot some awesome pictures and video.

Besides your brave heart and fighting spirit, there are a couple other things Captain Jeff suggests you bring along with you as you set sail from North Lake on your Shark Fishing Excursion.Take a peek below to see what’s included and what to bring on this amazing thrill ride.
The Money Maid is equipped for fishing standing up, sitting down or on a fixed pole. Any way you want to fish; the Money Maid has got you covered.
Sail Times only by reservation
Each excursion averages 10 hours in length

$1,250 for a day

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What to Bring?
  • Warm Clothes
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Ball Cap
  • Light Coat
  • Water
  • a light lunch
  • Don’t forget your camera and smile! :-)
Only 1 Shark is allocated per excursion!
If you have your own personal high-quality gear or tackle and would like to use it on your tour, be sure to bring it along with you.

let’s go fishing!

“If you find yourself in the Eastern end of the Island, make sure you book a sail with MacNeill’s Tuna and Deep Sea Fishing Charters! We had such a great time with Captain Jeff and his crew when we were out. We were able to see some seals, whales, oh and we caught some fish too! HA! The highlight of the trip was the buoy ride though. I ‘fell’ onto it so made the best of it :-) So much fun! Highly recommend this adventure on the sea!” – Angie Arsenault
Shark Fishing Tours run from
July to October
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