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Captain Jeff

Fishing is a way of life and a family affair for Captain JeffHe is the sixth generation of a fishing family from Eastern Prince Edward Island, Canada. Living in Red Point and fishing from North Lake he is happiest setting sail at first light each morning.


While you are out on any of these excursions you will see whales, seals, birds and the beautiful coastline of North Lake, Prince Edward Island. PEI’s red rich soil creates a breathtaking view for your sail out and in from sea. Don't forget your camera!
Deep Sea Fishing Charter
This Authentic Island experience sails out of North Lake Harbour, PEI nearly everyday. As Captain Jeff commands the wheel, against a warm breeze you will see the nearby and majestic East Point Lighthouse, PEI’s red rugged cliffs, golden sand beaches and large dunes. Being a very rich fishing area, fisherman and their boats are everywhere you go making their living on PEI’s exceptionally beautiful waters.
On every adventure out to sea, Captain Jeff always makes sure that all of his deep-sea fishing guests take home some fish ready of a fresh-as-it-gets Island seafood dinner!
Sail Times 9 am / 1 pm (July to September)
Adults $50
Children 12 & Under $40
Captain Jeff has over 1000 Deep-Sea Fishing trips under his belt. Including reeling in a 53 pound Cod and a 5.5 pound Atlantic Mackerel! Want to show Captain Jeff your sea legs? Beat either of these records and you SAIL FOR FREE!
18 persons maximum for this excursion
Available Available from July to September
Feed Swim Dive with Tuna
Captain Jeff recently worked with National Geographic and the National Film Board of Canada to capture some stunning underwater photography of the only place on the planet where you can get up close and personable with WILD Bluefin giants weighing up to and excess of 1200 lbs! Every year, film crews come from all over the world to film the abundant mature Bluefin feeding on herring schools off North Lake.
Whatever you are looking for Captain Jeff is one the best Charter fishermen you will find who can help you capture the shots you need of these open-ocean Bluefins in their natural environment. No matter what tour you decide on: Diving, Swimming, or Feeding GIANTS, it will be a mind-blowing experience that you will never forget.
Sail Times By reservation (July to October)
Price $2,000
Deposit $250
Make a deposit via PayPal
Bring your own diving gear or rentals can be arranged locally. Experienced swimmers only; We recommend a snorkel, mask, flippers, underwater camera, or GoPro with underwater housing for this excursion (safety gear included).
Available from July to October
Whale & Seal Watching Tour
This is Mother Nature in the raw but chances are if you are with Captain Jeff he will find these amazing creatures for you to enjoy in their natural setting and in all their glory. Everyday it’s a new experience out there, “I would not trade this job for the world,” Captain Jeff says. It should be noted that there is no guarantee for a whale, seal, shark, or giant Bluefin sighting.
We do advise you to keep your camera ready for the variety of whales and other sea-creatures that you might see on your tour: Pilot Whales, Finback Whales, Humpback Whales, Minke Whales, Right Whales, Sperm Whales, Beaked Whales and Dolphins & Porpoises.
Sail Times By reservation (July to September)
Adults $50
Children 12 & Under $40
Bring your own diving gear or rentals can be arranged locally. Experienced swimmers only; We recommend a snorkel, mask, flippers, underwater camera, or GoPro with underwater housing for this excursion (safety gear included).
18 persons maximum for this excursion
Available from July to September
Lobster Fishing Charter
Captain Jeff has been a commercial lobster fisherman since 1990. You will depart on your Lobster Fishing Tour from North Lake Harbour, PEI at 3:50am. We then set sail out on the Gulf of St. Lawrence to meet the sunrise back-dropped against our famed red cliffs, golden sandy beaches and huge sand dune systems.
During the day you will be involved in pushing traps up the wash board, picking lobsters, baiting traps, banding lobster and learning how to measure your catch. This is one time when it is all right to play with your supper!
Sail Times 3:50am - 12:00pm (May to end of June)
Full Day Excursion $250
Deposit $100
Make a deposit via PayPal
Each excursion averages 8 hours in length.
Available from May to the end of June
Shark Fishing Excursion
So it’s not a GIANT Bluefin you want, it’s a GIANT Shark? Well, Captain Jeff has the tour for you. You will have the opportunity to catch a Mako, Blue, or even a GREAT WHITE! Boy, let Capatin Jeff tell you about his experience fighting one of these! “I thought I’d hooked a tuna, but when the dorsal fin came out of the water and kept getting bigger, bigger, and BIGGER; I knew we were in for the battle of our lives – and it literally was!”, say Captain Jeff.
This Shark big game Fishing charter has you settling sail from North Lake Harbour heading for the perfect ‘hot spots’ for where these monsters are waiting. Capatin Jeff knows where to go and what they like. The first step is to catch your live bait as fast as possible so you can get ready to drop your line overboard. Get ready for the rod to bend over like you’ve never seen! Makos are spectacular jumpers and will take your breath away. No matter what you hook, you just don’t know what is on the other end of the line, but one thing for sure is: IT’S BIG and likes to grin! We release all our sharks but not before you shoot some awesome pictures and video.
Sail Times By Reservation (July to October)
Full Day Excursion $1,250
Deposit $250
Make a deposit via PayPal
Each excursion averages 10 hours in length
Besides your brave heart and fighting spirit, there are a couple other things Captain Jeff suggests you bring along with you as you set sail from North Lake on your Shark Fishing Excursion. Take a peek below to see what’s included and what to bring on this amazing thrill ride.
The Wendy RV is equipped for fishing standing up, sitting down or on a fixed pole. Anyway you want to fish; the Wendy RV has got you covered.
Available from July to October
Only 1 Shark is allocated per excursion! If you have your own personal high quality gear or tackle and would like to use it on your tour, be sure to bring it along with you.
Battle A Bluefin!
Captain Jeff's Wendy RV is a 42ft Morell boat fully equipped for fishing these monsters: try our new Stand-up Gear, or fight Bluefin giants according to IGFA rules from our classic fighting chair - as guided by our expert first mates Kevin or Kent; Or go after them with our big game rods and Penn reels mounted in the gunnel for support. We are also fully equipped for kite fishing with a dangling mackerel. Then get ready for the most thrilling surface smash you will ever see as only a 600 to 1,000 pound monster tuna can pull off with such ferocity. If it’s a battle you want, there is nothing like one of these freight trains to test your limits and make you sweat adrenaline bullets. Another rush we offer is trolling artificial squid in the wake of the boat from our custom chair and see a torpedo wake come up behind it. No matter what battling method you choose, you can be sure these tuna are going tell you "whose boss".
Sail Times By reservation (July to October)
Full Day $1,250
Half Day or Second Trip on the Same Day $900
Deposit $250
Make a deposit via PayPal
What to Bring? Warm Clothes, Sunglasses, Rubber Boots, Sunscreen, Ball Cap, Light Coat, Drinking Water, and a light lunch. Don’t forget your camera!
Available from July to October

Contact Us

Here’s how to get a hold of Captain Jeff for GIANT PEI Tuna Charters, Deep-Sea Fishing Charters, Lobster Fishing Charters, Swimming and Diving With Giants Excursions or Whale & Seal Watching Tours. The Wendy RV can hold up to 18 people on any excursion. For some tours and charters space is limited.
11 Bull Pen Road North Lake Harbour, PE C0A 2B0
E-mail: [email protected] Phone: (902) 357-2858 or (902) 969-8454 (cell)